Our Firefighters

God - look down on all our firemen
And bless them in their work,
The job they do so nobly,
And never once do shirk,
Throughout this wondrous country,
They're called on day to day,
To sacrifice their very lives,
So many without pay.

God bless our fallen heroes
That sad day in December,
Six precious firemen gone from us
We always shall remember,
The burning building - massive fire,
The courage they displayed,
To enter without thought of self,
And with their lives they paid.

God bless the families left behind,
Do help them understand,
And offer them your precious peace
An ever guiding hand,
Their blessed ones now live with you
Within life's highest place,
Please help their loved ones here on earth
Accept your saving grace.

Each fireman ever looks ahead
To duties they'll fulfill,
To answer each and every call,
Accept their masters will.
Dear friend, please say a special prayer
For firemen such as we,
That God will guide us on our way
To total victory.

- Garnett Ann Schultz