Our Hero’s

United you stand tall and proud the bravest of men beyond the shadow of a doubt

You rush to be there for us in good times and bad

You’re the ones we can count on no matter what kind of day you’ve had

You make us proud to be American

Through and through

You let us know that what we believe in holds true

You are our hero’s and no one can take your place

When you loose one of your fellow men or women we can see the pain in your face

We will never know how to thank you enough

You have saved so many lives always staying tough

For those of us who can’t be in our times of need

Your duties you more than exceed “...and home of the BRAVE...,”

That would be pertaining to all of you

Who have risked your lives for all of us?


And this sincere thanks is for you!


Author: Justina T. Santiago