Side by side we race through the night.

With a blaring siren and flashing lights.

A life’s at stake, a precious soul.

Perhaps too late, beyond our control.

Times like this have came before.

Never quite knowing just what’s in store.

When we arrive, our actions as one.

No thoughts need be spoken, just simply done.

To soothe a child’s cry, to ease the pain.

Knowing things like this will come again.

Though its done many days a week.

The bond between us is quite unique.

Different than that of man and wife.

For we can say we’ve saved a life.

To some it may just seem routine.

The things we’ve done, the sights we’ve seen.

But you and i know its changed our hearts.

The ways we’ve seen life torn apart.

And seen life begin new and fresh.

All the while praying we’ve done our best.

Someday another will take our place.

A youthful still unknowing face.

But never will time cloud my view.

Of all the things i’ve shared with you.

For we are Partners.

Author: Eric Reiner, Los Angeles City Fire Department.