Please Protect Him.

Please protect him as he goes out

If he's in trouble give him a shout

Please watch over him as he speeds away

I know he wants to go, but i want him to stay

This is a time when he wants to play

I love him more and more each day

He’ll do this every day without any pay

Please protect him with care if you may

He’ll be there to protect people, property and lives

Help him comfort those who have lost their lives

You see he is a firefighter

Stopping fires caused by a lighter

He’ll rush into the burning blaze

Working through the some and fiery maze

And when the fire is finally out

Please make sure he's safe without any doubt

Send him home to me safely

I admire his pride and bravery

Please protect my firefighter night and day

I love him more than words can say.


Author: Tara Duncan, Firefighter/EMT, Lynch Volunteer fire department, Danville. IL