From within my heart and soul I feel a burning desire
I really canít explain how it draws me to the fire
Reality seems to fade away leaving nothing but the flame
Every time is different yet it always feels the same
Flooded with emotions from sadness to solid rage
Intimidating thoughts, my head becomes their cage
Racing pulse and heavy breaths, the flame is in my sight
Eager to feel the heat from this fire burning so bright
Futile attempts to find the answers Iíll never see
Iíve understood the flame and all itís meant to me
Rationalizing the fire is something I cannot do
Equivocal words Iíve written tell only what is true
For as long as I remember itís always been this way
I really donít know what it means or just what Iím trying to say
Reasons are easy to find if youíre willing to live the lie
Eternally searching for answers, forever asking why
Forcing myself to believe some things I donít need to know
Insisting itís more important just to watch the flame glow
Raging fires and questions still burning deep inside
Even when I controlled the flame I felt I had to hide
Forgetting how it hurt I watched the flame dance
Igniting a new blaze and taking another chance
Remembering how it was, not caring what it means
Entering the world where this fire shapes my dreams
Fearing the fire at first because I could not explain
In time I have accepted it though questions still remain
Realizing Iíll never understand this desire
Endlessly wondering........ "What is the fire"?