This poem was written just after the disaster in New York, September 11, 2001.

Being a Volunteer Fire Fighter has brought many things into reality.

The meanings of these paragraphs describe our duties for all Emergency Personnel, and the dangers of them.
They also describe the pride and fear as we work to help others. Many of us freeze, but then just go on to do the work and let the shock absorb as we finish the task.

We have all been taught that you look after yourself and your team,

because if you don’t…you will become a casualty, then someone else will have to drag you out.
But as most of us know when the adrenaline starts pumping, it seems you’ve received more strength and energy, your mind is buzzing with many questions and directions, while safety is put on the back burner (in some cases).

There are many questions asked such as how, why, when and where? As one gets hurt or killed at a scene.

This poem is dedicated to all Volunteer and Career Emergency Personnel.

Let us not forget the ones that have passed on, nor the ones to follow.

It is good to remember the past, because someday…
You will be a part of it!

Katharine Blohm
Clearview Fire Dept.
Ontario, Canada