Scenes from the Panto

Just a small selection of scenes from the Panto in no particular order


How many more times have we gotta do this Take that, how does that feel. honest guv! it's not that funny

Down there quick look? Really I'm not lost Where's that ghost, we cant see it.

What did you say I've seen your face somewhere before Shake it like this

That's cold and wet Wheeeee catch! My turn

shake it to the left, shake it to the right Go on, climb you're in good hands The fire drill

Here we go round the mulberry bush Wishee Washee Window Twanky having a chat

PC Pong and some townspeople Nearly dropped it? No i didn't look

Well! four firefighters Fancy the last dance. hand's up, baby hand's up

Why are we kids always have to be in front Please Mr. policeman I give up The cast with smoke affect


The two Genies Wishee Washee and the Ghost The whole cast

Window Twanky and the Emperor Aladdin and Jasmine Aladdin and Jasmine