Sept 11th 2001

Sir, I wrote the attached tribute to the fallen of September 11th. It
has been published on the Virginia State Fire Chiefs Assn. web site. It is my way
of thanking the men and women of the fire service.
Please feel free to print/distribute as you wish.
Thanks again for all you do.
Scott Brown
119 Kenneth Drive
Seaford, Virginia 23696

September 11, 2001

The bells sound
Morning traffic
Fills the streets
Trucks and engines roll
Radios bark
Captains shout
A "worker" they are told
Second and third alarms
Looking skyward
Black smoke fills the air
Pulling on masks
Remembering tasks
Saying a final prayer
Carrying hose
Each floor they rose
People everywhere
The building shaking
Ceilings breaking
Running low on air
A nation watched
With breaking hearts
Her heroes still inside
The bells rang
The choirs sang
Somewhere a bagpipe cried
On streets of gold
God called the roll
They stepped forward into the sun
Angel wings
Replaced firefighter things
On Duty
Heaven - Station #01

Scott Brown