Societies View

There seems to be so very few that ever understand,

The dedication heart and soul that drives the fireman.

They think its only fire trucks, sirens, lights and glory.
Our priority to be in some reporter’s story

. God, if they could only know the pressure we endure.
Every time that siren blows they’d change their minds for sure.

They don't know the tragedies the sickness, death and pain,
that each of us is subjected to again and again and again.

Just once I'd like to take the mall on a call with me,
to let them see the real truth behind an emergency.

I think that they'd realize exactly what we do.
When we find a person in a crash and know his life's near through.

When their neighbor's house, that's just next-door is totally in flames,
and the family cries for all that's left is only but their names.

And last but not least, I'd let them see what really makes us brave,
the pride and joy that fills our hearts when a precious life is saved.

Author unknown.