Spikey and the three kittens.


This is a story about Spikey the hedgehog Fire Fighter and three kittens who played with matches. They all lived in a place called Dovegate. Dovegate is where creatures of the animal kingdom live and work, just like we all live together in towns and villages.

One day the kittens named MIM, Kim and Tim didn’t have to go to school. It was a holiday, Mrs. Cat, their mother, had lots of work to do, so she told the kittens that if they played nicely she would bake them a chocolate cake for their tea. Mrs. Cat knew her three kittens were sometimes naughty so she would have to keep an eye on them.

The kittens went to their bedroom to try and make up their minds what to do. MIM said, “Let’s go and chase Mrs. Mice’s children.

It’s funny to watch them running in all directions.”

“No!” said KIM, “last time we did that we got into awful trouble and we had to miss our tea. I know! Let’s go and climb the big oak tree, bet I can climb higher than you.”

“No!” said MIM, “last time I got stuck and the fire brigade had to be called, they rescued me with a ladder, I was really in bother and wasn’t allowed sweets for a whole week”

“Well what shall we do?” signed KIM. Tim had been very quiet until he said. “I know what we can do.”

“What?” asked the other two. Tim took out of his pocket a box of matches. “I found them on the path yesterday,” he said, “somebody must have dropped them and I have kept it secret all this time.”

“What do you do with them?” asked MIM. “I know.” Said KIM: “I’ve seen the grown-ups, they make fire and the fire is very dangerous.”

 “I’m not scared of fire.” Said TIM and with that he struck a match against the matchbox.

The match started to burn. Now TIM didn’t know what to do. He got very scared and he threw the match into the waste bin. The paper inside began to burn and the room began to fill with smoke.

The three kittens were now very scared. They didn’t know what to do next. “Let’s hide from the nasty smoke.” Said MIM and they hid under the bed, shaking with fear.

Meanwhile Mrs. Cat had just finished the ironing and was coming upstairs to check on her children. She opened their bedroom door and lots of smoke started to come out. “Help, help!” she shouted, “My house is on fire, where are my children?” the kittens thought she was angry, so they stayed hidden under the bed. Mrs. Cat was very worried, she rushed out into the road, shouting: “My house is on fire and I can’t find my children.” Her next door neighbor, Mrs. Mole, heard her and dialed 999 to call out Dovegate fire brigade. Luckily, sub-officer salty wasn’t far away and Spikey and the other firefighters arrived quickly. Sub officer salty, a rat who was in charge, gave his orders: “Spikey and Scatty take in the water hose put out the fire and find the children. “Spikey and Scatty, a squirrel went into the house and up the stairs, dragging the hose which was full of water. They carefully opened the bedroom door, and saw the fire which, by now, was getting very big. The kittens under the bed knew they were in deadly danger. But the smoke was so bad they couldn’t move and it was getting worse. But Spikey was a good firefighter; he knew sometimes children were so scared they tried to hide from the fire. The first place he looked was under the bad. “I’ve found them,” he shouted to Scatty, who was putting out the fire. He picked up all three kittens in his arms, rushed downstairs and went outside. There he gave three very lucky kittens to their grateful mother.

When the fire had been put out and all the fire brigade’s hoses had been put away, Spikey spoke to Mrs. Cat and her three kittens.

2you were very lucky,” he told them: “never try to hide from a fire, the smoke will always find you and the smoke is very, very bad. Please try to remember: “get out and stay out. “Never go back into a burning building. How did the fire start?”

 “I started it.” Said TIM, bravely: “I found a box of matches.” “You have learned a lesson the hard way,” said Spikey: “all the children must learn never to play with match. They are very dangerous. Try also to remember this rhyme: “Matches, Matches never touch. They can hurt you very much.”

I suppose we were going to miss our chocolate cake.” Signed KIM.

“Everybody is going to miss the chocolate cake,” said Scatty: “I was about to leave when I smelt some more burning. I went into the kitchen and found this.” He had a baking tin with a burnt cake in it,” oh no!” said Mrs. Cake: “My poor chocolate cake, I forgot I put it in the oven.”