Stage Building

We spent all this day from 0700 to at least 2130 building and then a rehearsal on this day, and I for one would like to say a big thank you to Jackie and Debbie for putting on such a fantastic food spread for all us hard working lads and lassie's and I am 100% sure every body appreciated this very much WELL DONE GIRLS.

Debbie making tea Jackie & Margaret in background


 Jackie, Carol, Debbie in background and Roger

Lets think have a cuppa and think this over first

Lets have a cuppa first

we concentrating leave us alone

Its still standing so far

Why he's not looking {change it?}

What you reckon break for cuppa

Ready double back flip and land on one leg

You ok there. ooh you made me jump

Laugh at me I'm not looking now

Left right, left right, attention!

Well! T break I assume

Yes I can paint But don't tell anybody!

Something I said or what

The kitchen scene of Alderman's Fitzwarren's house

The Street in Cheepside scene

The Port in London

The Good Ship Lollipop

The Sultan's Palace

The Guildhall

Now stop hitting me with them, they hurt!

If he can do it then, you can camera man

I'm sure we are in the right street.

Your all looking at me as if it's my turn to say something

Right ladies pay attention, this is how it's done


Ear! what's the matter with you two

I don't care it's my turn to sit!


Oy Matey! you wiv the beard?

On Guard but don't dare hurt me mister!