Only static and nothing more. The clock silently ticks in the background, the hour is nearing four. All you can hear is static, and nothing more. Your nerves jump as the radio comes to life. "Squad-18 responds, we have a teenage girl with a gunshot wound." You jump off the top bunk, almost landing on one of the guys from your crew. You take a quick moment to pray as you put on your shoes. You sprint down the stairs, and then across the bay, open up the squad door, pick up the radio and say "Squad-18 responding, we are on our way." You arrive on scene, and shut off your lights. You start to work on the girl when you notice her eyes are filled with fright. You start to dress her wound, when she says in dismay, "Tell my mom that I love her and that I should have listened to her and not stayed the night away. Maybe if I had listened, I would live to see another day." With a saddened look you push her hair out of her face. The static from the radio by your side can only be heard between her whimpers and her cries. Minutes seemed like hours as her life slipped away, she gasped for air one last time before she passed away. There was a painful time when your heart seemed so sore and the only thing that could be heard was the soft crackle of static. Only static and nothing more.


By: Vanessa Lynn Brooks