Thanks to a Fire Fighter

A cry for help, Goes down the line.
The phone is answered, by a voice that's divine.

A life is hanging, by a single thread.
It's trapped by a fire, that's fierce and red.

The tones are dropped, the siren's scream.
Into the firehouse, the volunteer's stream.

They don their gear, Rushing to get ready.
They roll out the door; It's been 5 minutes already.

They roll down the street, as the sirens roar.
Men and women who fight fire, Are brave to the core.

They pull up in front, of a house that's ablaze.
Some think they are crazy, yet there is no delay.

They hope and they prey, that they are in time.
It's through the fire, and up the stairs they climb.

To rescue a mother, who is trapped inside?
They find her on the floor, before she had died.

They pick her up, and out the window they go.
Out on the ladder, to the ground below.

The fire is now out, a life has been protected.
The men and women, who serve, Should always be respected.

By Peter Easley 12/02