Deep in the shadows, alone in the cold,
the nightmare begins, the horror unfolds,

Born out of darkness, by the master of death,
it crawls through night, Devours with its breath,

It feeds on ignorance, and lives off of fear,
it slows down for none, and stops for no tears,

It feels not for the poor, Cares not for the old,
it loves not the children, and fears not the bold,

It backs down for none, and fights all who dare,
to test out its might, and enter its lair,

If not for those few, who fear not the beast,
it would conquer the world, with all as its feast,

They face the dragons, that ravish the lands,
Armed not with swords, But courage and hands,

They are the heroes, that arrive in the night,
upon their chariots, Covered with light,

They rescue the prisoners, Held in the grasp,
of ruler of hell, the devil in mask,

When the dragon is dead, and all is well again,
they remount their chariots, simply as men,

They ride off in the night, as swift as they came,
to battle another, Beast of the flame.