The bravest of the brave

There are always heroes among us
but the bravest of the brave,
Are those who rush toward danger
when there's someone there to save.

The fire and police force
who lead us in the race,
Each day test their mettle
when they stare death in the face.

They're the ones who hold the line
while telling us to leave,
No wonder, when one of them falls,
it's all of us who grieve.

When you flee from danger
having stood where it has been,
You'll pass fire, rescue and police
as they go rushing in.

So, next time they go flying past
wherever it is you roam,
Give them a wave or tip your hat
...and pray they make it home.

Dedicated to emergency service workers everywhere -
especially those who gave their all on a 911 on 9/11.

By; Jack Colpas