Sirens filled the station Urgent was the code
I suited up with honour And to the call I rode

The building was on fire I rushed in without a clue
Many lives to save, I thought A job I love to do

Racing up the stairway Not knowing of my fate
It never crossed my mind That Death was there to wait

Tears filled every eye And horror, every scream
I've never saw such heartache Was it all a dream?

Reality found its moment When darkness filled my light
Its hard to feel emotion When there's a fire raging bright

So on I pushed: unknowing That never would I see
Another glimpse of earthly life My soul would soon be free

I will never know the people Whose lives I saved today
For in my act of selflessness My world; it slipped away

But one thing is for certain I shall forever hear the call
For Courage and for Bravery That lies within us all.

unknown author