The Fire At Home


Somewhere tonight a firefighter is called from his sleep
Into turnout gear and onto the truck he'll leap
Moving out with a siren and a flash of light
Off to a call in the dark of night

Somewhere today there's a building in a blaze
Thick smoke has trapped someone in its haze
Quickly there's a fireman taking a stand
Another life is saved by that firefighter's hand

Somewhere a heart beats at an odd rate
The firefighter arrives just a little too late
He tells himself "you can't save 'em all"
But it's with heavy heart that he awaits the next call

Somewhere there is a lady that firefighter knows
Forever waiting and worrying in the shadows
It's always on her mind that he keeps his own life
Coming home to the one who loves him, the firefighter's wife

 By: Gena Marie Hendrix