The Firefighters Wife

The worst part of being a volunteer firefighter, is sitting on the 2nd due engine in front of the fire hydrant when its 3am and 3 degrees outside. Your out in the cold, when you should be home in a warm bed. If you were busy, you wouldn’t mind, but you’re just sitting there, freezing.

The firefighters wife (and/or girlfriend and/or family) on the other hand, is stuck waiting many times. Our wives are left to clean up after party’s while we rush to fires, miss the first day, or last day of vacation because we’re responding to countless alarms and dinner dates for 6:00pm become 9:00pm when tanker trucks roll-over on our highways. I’m glad my wife never kept count of how many times I said, “I was going to…but we had a fire call”.


To all the wives and girlfriends of firefighters,

This budd’s for you