The Firefighters of 9/11

I watched the buildings burning, and knew the world had changed.
America was once more learning how hatred is deranged.

Then tumbling down I saw them, I imagined those inside.
The ending of a New York gem and the rescuers who died.

I thought of those who fight the fires with lives upon the line.
Aloud I pondered what desires would bring them back each time.

Why would someone do it? What drives some to aspire
to don a set of bunker gear and go into a fire?

I think its love for people and the deepest kind of pride.
To do a job that few will do, that sent them all inside.

So grieve no more about the lost, they're all with God above.
They'd tell you it was worth the cost, whilst doing what they loved.


Permission Granted for Use The Firefighters of 9/11

by Larry E. Peoples
Correctional Officer Lt. (Ret.)
Florida Dept. of Corrections