The flame behind the firefighter


As a firefighter there are many things that keep us going

Like seeing a house that was sure to be lost by fire

Be saved so that the family can have another Christmas in their home

Or seeing a life that has just breathed its last breath

Come to life with the air from your own lungs

It is a gratifying feeling to see things change for the better

Because you are there and have the skill and knowledge to make a difference

It is most often seen by us

That the bystanders see us do things they do not understand

Like breaking open the roof of their home to get the toxic air out

So the firefighters can see and the victims can breathe

To them it is damage to us it is as if god has opened the sky to let us work

The one thing that no one ever sees

Is the one thing that keeps us all going are the people behind the scenes

Those people are our mothers and fathers

The ones who gave us the gift of life

So that we can give the hope for life

They are the ones whom we devote our love and caring nature to

They are the flames behind the firefighter


Author: Chief Jeff A. Stricklin