The Redneck Volunteer Fireman

Yes, Mr. Citizen, Iím that Redneck Volunteer Fireman. I chew tobacco and I have one of those silly red lights on my car. I even blow my horn at you when Iím going on a call. Sometimes my siren wakes you up at night and, at times, you may have to wait at a light a little longer to let me by. But Iím not going to apologize.

You complain about me wasting your tax money, but donít understand when I say I canít tie equipment up pumping out your pool. You say I donít know my job, but when you smell smoke at night and call me, suddenly Iím an expert. You complain because my boss lets me leave work for a fire and doesnít let you leave for your social club meeting but you forget the night the plant caught fire and I saved your job.

You say Iím only in it for fun, but you fail to see my sickness and exhaustion following a fire. You say I like seeing injuries and that death doesnít bother me, but how could you understand my sleepless nights because of the life I couldnít save. I pray that you and others in the community never need my services, and all I ask in return is that you pray for me while I do my job. Iím not a perfect person and Iíll never say I am, but, yes Mr. Citizen, Iím a Redneck Volunteer Fireman, and pretty proud of it.