The risk we face

There are many dangers we will face

When a fire burns in haste

Many things will be lost that day

None of us we hope and pray

We all know the risks we take each day

Still those risks we take day after day

We pray to god there’s no mistake

When those risks we need to take

When all goes well were full of pride

And thank the lord that no one died

If it goes the other way

And one of us should fall that day

Our pride is gone and filled with sorrow

For one of us will have no tomorrow

We remember how he did his best

As we lay him in the ground to rest

We fold the flag that lay there

And gave it to his family with great care

Back to the firehouse we all go

Trying not to hang our heads to low

Some of us will cry and weep

Some of us will fall asleep

Some of us will drop and pray

For those who risk it all each day

By: Dan Gibson