They do all this and much more


What do they miss? They miss meals

They miss sleep, they miss play

They miss family events

They miss good times

They miss things that only happen once

They miss many moments throughout the day

They miss these things for you

They miss these things because they care

They miss these things because its what they do

What do they do

They fight fires they rescue you

They sometimes burn for you

They sometimes die for you or for helping you

They tear away at medal to get you out

They climb crawl swim and search for you

They breathe for you until you can

They hear the littlest, quietest “help me” or “over here”

They see your shadow, or feel your body

In the blackest, smokiest room

They go to every call you place

They try here hardest to keep your home from burning

They try their hardest to save you

They care for you they save your friends

They save your family who are they

They’re volunteers they’re a helping hand

They’re your only hope at certain times

They’re there when you need them

They’re firefighters they’re my prayers

They should be yours too

They’re my family and my closest friends

So pray for them as i do

For one day they may do all this for you


Author: Janelle Bates, a firefighters girlfriend