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This web site is lovingly and respectfully dedicated to all the past and present

firefighters of EX - HALLING Fire Station. RIP.

I hope you enjoy this web site as much as I have in building it.

I decided back in April 1999 to take on a task of building some sort of portfolio of our station to include as much about the fire station,

It's history and the fire-fighters who have served. and I'm glad I took up this challenge, especially as the station has now shut and this info could possibly have been lost forever.

It would have not been possible to achieve such a task if it wasn't for the people I mentioned in the acknowledgements.

My thanks go to the many ex-firefighters, and public that responded to my ads in local papers.

Please take a good look around the site, and send your comments good or bad to the email address above.

Kevin Parris Crew Manager Halling N40

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