Time to Go to Work

A downside of dating a fireman Is knowing the dangers of his career
But mine gave me chance to see What we loved ones mostly fear

He invited me to watch him work At a practice burn they'd planned
And I wanted to see him in action So his job I would understand.

When the firefighters all assembled They divided into teams
My man was to lead some men Who seemed only in their teens.

I noticed the way they looked at him With admiration and respect
And he suddenly seemed much taller Standing so straight and perfectly erect.

He looked so proud and serious His whole demeanor had changed
And there was something more alluring In the glances we exchanged

Small fires were started inside the house And it was fun watching them burn
Teams traded off in putting them out And now it was his team's turn.

Flames were dancing around the door He picked up his ax with a jerk
He glanced back at his team and said "Boys, its time to go to work."

The old house moaned and creaked Bending from the heat and flames
My heart was pounding in my chest It was no longer fun and games.

Although it was just for practice Those flames were hot and real
And to walk right in amid them Took raw courage and nerves of steel.

The fire was started upstairs this time And the climb up took a while
Allowing time for the fire to grow Much more intense and vile.

Outside, the flames were emerging From places no one seemed to expect
The fire was getting out of control My thoughts, I couldn't collect.

Would the second story hold? Can they make it back downstairs?
I can't describe the fear and worry Nothing even compares.

Just then the roof split open Right above where they should be
The radios squawked the warnings If in time, remained to be seen.

The roof turned the strangest color And flames shot up through the crack
Here we feared they'd been warned too late But he had already pulled them back.

Sometimes being a hero Isn't just putting the fire out
Its not putting your team in danger When their safety is in doubt.

He showed me on that day That dating this fireman has one perk
I don't have to worry so much When my baby goes to work.