“To the brave”


This is for all the brothers we lost in 2001 and now in 2002 in the line of life’s duties. I as a firefighter for 26 years have seen a lot of firefighters come and go. The best have staid to do the job. This is true of both paid and volunteer firefighters. So let me tell you my story.
We loose our brothers to a wild creature we call fire, we loose our brothers to wild gunfire. We loose our brothers to car wrecks. We loose our brothers to terrorism. We loose every day, but we have never truly lost. You see firefighters never die; we just climb a higher ladder. We never make the last call, we never hear the last bell toll, we are not here but we are here. You see us but do not see us. You see the firefighters guardian angels, who is that? It is us. We are still fighting fires. We fight the dragon right there with you. We fight the dragons in your souls. We fight the master of fire and all those dragons and demons. We are the few, the proud, the chosen ones who have reached the pentacle of our training and have been taken into the biggest fire department in all the lands. We are there and here at all times when our brothers are in the way of the fiery dragon. We are the guardian angels. Do not cry for me for I am not gone. I am here. I am in your heart. If you look hard when you see a firefighter you will see us, all of us. The last bell will never toll on our brothers or us, as long as we all remember and are in need of a firefighter.
May GOD bless you and keep you.