Ongoing horror, constant guessing, and sometimes...relief. Immense fatigue mixed with adrenaline.

Years of training facing the test of reality.

Tomorrow is too far away.

Helplessness will arise. The thoughts of not saying "I love you" one last time are always lingering.

Every crew member gives their all. We must advance


My thoughts spent praying for courage to succeed.

I will experience loss, despair, grief, trauma, but above all, love.

For I will again learn the importance of the finer things in life. I will again learn that uncertainty will arise.

I am reminded that I will never feel the same thing twice.

I can stand in my uniform and experience a powerful feeling of being a Hero.

Failure is not an option.

Separation does not exist.

We are a family, a brotherhood. No longer are we separated between cities, counties, and states;

We are now the United States Fire Department.


By; Danielle d’ulisse – santa cruz fire dep. usa