Unsung Hero’s 2

- written by Kathy Van Spanje, August 1997

When the Fire Whistle Blows;
It is time for our heroes to go,
To fight the fiery demon of Fire.
Don't be scared, they will fight with their lives and all their
inner desires.

They travel at the speed
of light. Going to the firehouse
to prepare for the fight.

Rushing to the scene;
The fire sirens scream!
They fight the demon with
all their might. Sometimes
the damn demon puts up a
hell of a fight!!

But our heroes always Wins!!
They return back to their lives
until the demon strikes again.

It takes a special person
to be a firefighter. It takes
strength, perseverance, determination to fight the demon
of fire. They risk their lives
unselfishly to save your property
or even your life!

These unsung heroes usually are hardly ever thanked but admiration and prayers run high as we ask God to
keep them safe;
keeping an eye on them;
from the sky!!