Victorian Ballard

The scene was a station, the time was midnight
The fatal word fire on the lamps glittered bright
The firemen are dozing while safely at hand
The horse were waiting the words of command
 Click goes the message of danger and death
Down dash the firemen not pausing for breath
In go the horses hi hi hi clear the way
While borne on the zephyrs a voice seemed to say
Heaven speed the members of the fire brigade
Heroes true as stell hearts that never fear
Ready steady and undismayed
Are the noble-hearted members of the fire brigade
On like the wind how the horses perspire
See they arrive at the scene of the fire
Crash go the beams of the roof to the ground
Scorching the people standing around
Hark how that cry of dismay rends the air
Look at yon window a woman's up there
Up goes a fireman with resolute will
Hushed are the people the boldest are still
Steadily upward still higher and higher
Choking and scorched by the smoke and the fire
Onward he goes till the woman he nears
Stop - see - she falters and then disappears
Down go the sashes he's in through the frame
Out with the woman he comes once again
Faint and half blinded he reaches the ground
While to the skies goes the echoing sound
Pause and reflect ere you venture to doubt
The truth of the scene I'm singing about
I know the fireman who ventured his life
The woman he rescued to-day is his wife
My only object is simple to say
England has heroes whore living today
Men who belong to that life saving band
Facing king death with their lives in their hand