Volunteer Firefighters

Why do we do this as a volunteer?
Where will we go when the next alarm bells ring?
We work diligently through pain and fear,
And anticipate to some day earn our wings.
Most common folks look at us and sneer.
Flames could be coming from every opening in a building,
Yet we won't take a break or quit until we hear the "All Clear"
The heavy smoke and fumes will make your eyes smart and sting.
When you do come out, there's no one there to cheer.
Fame and glory this job will not bring,
But we'd rather be no other place than right here.
The next time you crawl through an unknown opening,
And that tiny voice in your head you hear,
Says, " You must be crazy to do this kind of thing."
Keep your spirits high, and your faith in god near,
For this scary and thankless job is never ending.
We don't just sit around, "shoot the Breeze" and drink beer.
Every day our lives are held together by a delicate string.
We hold our family and friends as precious and dear,
And hope someday to hear a choir of angels sing.
With our last breath we will praise our peers,
And know we lived our lives with a fling.
Stop and think the next time you pop a flare,
for a big old nasty wreck on the interstate,
As you stand in the flashing red light's glare.
Pray for this incident we are not too late.
Sometimes the pain and suffering is too much to bear.
Life dishes us up a very heavy and full plate,
and to each scene the proper gear we must wear.
Who remembers the last time we sat together as a family and ate?
Sometimes we really need that big breath of fresh air.
We will always hope and pray to someday meet St. Peter at the pearly gate.
We donít do this job for fun, and we don't do it on a whim or a dare.
All we want to do is make it to heaven, with a squeaky clean slate.
We do this thankless job, because deep down inside we care.
You couldn't pay us any amount of money at any rate.
We only want a little kindness and to be treated fair.
No of us knows what will be our true fate,
And a "Thank You", is seldom and rare.
Courage and pride are our most common trait.
We will always come when called, and we are always there.
To you my brothers and sisters I will state,
"The last time you hear the siren's loud blare,
God will be standing there with you, so don't be late."

Submitted By: Charles R. Young Jr. Capt. C.V.F.C.