Volvo select


Front of appliance hand held radios various maps roll board dragon light conspicuity coats 2 BCF extinguisher appliance info folder spotlight
Crew cab CABA sets 4 rakes, hooks and pitch fork BA control equipment guide line as above 4 troll safety belts 4 wolf lights spare cylinders
Nearside front locker 110v saw 110v cable reels & 240v charging 110v 1.5kw generator fire & woollen blankets bolt croppers DP extinguisher railway horns general purpose tool box
Nearside middle locker NRA pack salvage sheets 4 70 mm hoses 8  f45 mm hoses 2 beaters 6 hoses bandages 2    
Nearside rear locker   low level strainer stand pipe key and bars 2 hand controlled branches 2 various couplings dividing breech basket and strainer false spindles 2
Offside front locker canteen equipment 110v lights and various cables 110v 1.5kw generator LPP various other tools, saw, axes, crow bar, pick & shaft , strops, tirfor winch, tripods, shovels,
Offside middle locker 70 mm hoses 6 45 mm hoses 2   15 m line 30 m line   hose ramps 2  
Offside rear locker chimney gear   flexi packs 2          
Appliance roof 10.5 ladder triple extension ladder roof ladder suction hose 3        
Pump Locker collecting head short length hard suction wrenches hose tallies blank cap incident control board