Was It His Time?

Helmet in hand, tear in my eye,

This shouldn't have happened, this is the good-bye.

Friend for so long, companion for years,

Together we've shed blood, sweat and tears.

 You've been like my brother; you've been by my side,

In bad times and good, you took them in stride.

I knew we shouldn't have climbed up those stairs,

But if anyone is up there, we would answer their prayers.

 I had a bad feeling, the first step I took;

 It wasn't the normal way that these calls had looked.

 I can't believe you're gone, what a horrible dream,

 This can't be happening, but I can still hear your scream.

 God why do these things happen, why must we lose,

 Such a great man, how do you choose?

Why was it him God, was it his time,

Why was it those stairs we had to climb?

Written By: Nathan Cleland