What it's about.

The alarm's go off
Your heart skips a beat,
You run to your truck
So light on your feet

You put on your gear
Almost two legs at a time
Then jump on your truck,
Let's go have a good time

Your flying down the road now,
Lights flashing, sirens whaling
People stop and stare,
They wonder who, they wonder where

You can smell it, you can feel it,
Way before, you even see it
Then the flames come into view
So high, you wouldn't believe it

You're off the truck now,
Masked up and pulling hose
Keep your emotions in check,
But let that adrenalin flow

You test your hose, the water flows fine
Don't forget, there are lives on the line
The heat is intense now, as it rolls along the ceiling
Man it's a sight, man what a feeling

You fight the fire, as crews search the house
You pray to the Lord, the family made it out
You've done your job now the flames are knocked down
You start to mop up, as the family looks around

The crews are all accounted for,
And as you brake down the scene
You catch a look from the family,
It's a thank you that you see

And that's what it's about,
Not the money, not the fame
It's that thank you from the families,
That gets you through those rough days

You're a Fireman, and you thank the Lord every day, That you get the chance to help someone, Each and every day

By: James Fletcher