Why we stand tall

some things will change

while others always stay the same

the landscape is changing

the red devil never straying

we fight a battle with a war never won

a fire has gone out but there is always another one

we lose soldiers all too frequently

what are we fighting for some will never see

some say our job is dangerous

and some do it for free

I will tell you how i feel

and what it means to me

it means my elderly neighbour can sleep at night

knowing we are there in her time of fright

it means the community can not think about what we do

because they can not handle a baby turned blue

it means our children can play and know we are there

in their time of need we always care

but people may criticize what we do

 if they only saw if they only knew


some people love us

some people hate

but when they need us

they all appreciate

they never gave us a dollar

and never said thanks

when we put out a fire

or put our life on the flanks

we know why we did it

some people will never know

wearing our hearts on our sleeve

we belong here and it shows


by Dave Decker