Words of Wisdom from

 a Wise Old Fireman



Being part of a Brotherhood is like being part of a family; you can confide in your brothers and know that it will not go any farther than them if you don't want it to. When you sit down with your brothers you are comfortable to be yourself, without fear of being badmouthed behind your back.

Then there are those who just can't let anyone be part of a group that they are not part of. They are the guys who show up to one or two calls every now and again. They will badmouth you and talk about you, but just ignore them because they will soon find out that they are not as highly thought of as they thought and they will get what is coming to them sooner or later. Above all remember that someone who talks about you behind your back or won't trust you is not your brother and probably can not take the fact that they are just not the best at something.

As I age, I want to pass on the things that I have learned through the years, I hope that you will take this to heart and go out and be with your Brothers, but beware of false attitudes, you will recognize them.

-unknown author