You know you're a retained when..

You've woken up thinking your pager went off and as you look at it..., it does.
You lay out your clothes from that day so if there is a call at night you can find them quickly.
You carry enough in your car to extinguish a minor blaze.
You spend a great deal of time explaining to your friends what it means to be a retained- "Yes, I'm ALWAYS on duty. No, I'm not kidding!"
You can hear that the siren will go off even before your dog does.
The microwave goes off and you're already out of the house thinking it was your pager... when you realize the popcorn is done.
Your wife/girlfriend has learned to duck and take cover when they hear the pager go off for fear of being run down.

Your girlfriend/wife plays the TONES just to get your attention!!

You leave your spouse with a full cart of groceries, in the checkout line of the grocery store to go to a structure fire.
You have ever run out of the diner across from the station when the tones go off without paying.... Yelling back to them, "Ill be right back!!"
You complain about all the calls you are getting but secretly wish there were more!
You buy the station wagon/minivan/SUV just so that you have enough room in your car for all your gear.
You're children own their own "real" bunker gear and think it is their right to go with you to a call.